Tracy Electric Staff & Careers

Tracy Electric electricians have all had extensive experience in Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical work. Our thourough background check and licensing requirements will ensure that any employee you come in contact with is someone you can rely on and trust. Our stong belief in building customer relationships, quality of work, and ethics have allowed Tracy Electric to remain strong in a very competitive industry for the last 22 years.


We are currently looking to fill the following positions at Tracy Electric:

Wichita, KS location
We are looking to hire someone with service experience for projects in and around the Wichita area.

  • Experienced Journeyman¬†Electricians

Please contact us for further information regarding these positions at (316) 522-8408 or download application.

This process can be completed by:

  1. Download Form
  2. Fill out fields to required specification
  3. Save the file to the desktop or computer
  4. The form can be attached to an email and sent to




Tracy Electric, Inc.
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